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  • Shipbuilding Crane
  • Shipbuilding Crane
  • Shipbuilding Crane

Shipbuilding Crane

Weihua Shipbuilding Crane is one kind of gantry crane, it main used to berth assembled hull. This kind of shipbuilding crane has the feature of load and unload, lifting, segmented turning the air. Have the advantage on turning the hull and close operations. The first is through the upward and downward adjustments, the entire segment by car to bear on.
Shipbuilding gantry crane used in the place of ship manufacture and the dock, its task is to put all the parts required for the manufacture of the ship (ribs, steel and etc.) from the ground transportation to manufacturing place. This transport work must be able to complete the task in a very long journey in transportation quickly. Therefore, the number of cranes decided, enough to reach the dock area of the entire foundation, and each crane mutually interfere with each other in principle.
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