1.What is the most suitable crane for my requirements?
We have an extensive range of high quality cranes and accessories including overhead crane, gantry crane,jib crane, electric hoist and related products. Also we have advantaged products used in special industrial such as Casting crane, Magnet crane, Grab crane, Click on the above links will take you to specific product page. If you still require further information please contact us.
2.Which industries do you service?
We service many industries including Machinery, Metallurgy, Electric Power, Railway, Water Conservancy, Port, Aviation, Military, Auto, Shipbuilding, Petroleum, Chemical, Tabulation, Coal, Steel Fabricators, Pre-Cast Concrete, Steel Warehouses, Marble and Stone and other fields.
3.Which areas do you service?
We have very big market in China local market, at same time, we have exported our cranes to all over the world, including Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Asia, North America, South America and so on, total more than 95 countries all over the world.  
4.What type of overhead cranes do you supply?
We are the leading supplier of overhead cranes and we can offer three different types including single girder top running crane, single girder suspension crane and double girder top running crane.
5.Which cranes are the most suitable for outdoors?
The gantry crane range is often the most suitable for outdoor type work. There are two types -single girder gantry crane and double girder gantry crane.
6.What international certificate have your cranes passed?
Our crane has passed CE, ISO , GOST , CNAS and so on. Pls check details on CERTIFICATE
7.Do you have local agent in our country?
We have agents in Bangladesh, Uruguay, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and so on, at same time, we are developing more agents all over the world. Welcome you join us to expend crane market and build long time win-win cooperation.
8.Whether you can supply technical support or spare parts in time when the crane break?
At any time, the online free technical support could be available; we could also arrange our engineers to your factory as required. We can supply the spare pars for free within warranty period and charge as per cost price when the warranty is invalid.
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