Weihua Electrolytic Copper Multifunctional Special Overhead Crane


Electrolytic Copper Overhead Crane

Weihua Electrolytic Copper Multifunctional Special Overhead Crane, It is a special crane developed and manufactured according to the production process requirements of electrolytic copper. The product is suitable for special working environments such as high humidity, corrosion and metal dust. It is designed with high standards. , Manufacturing and assembly ensure the safe and reliable operation of each mechanism; its highly intelligent automatic control system and effective system integration of spreaders have unparalleled advantages.

 Multifunctional Special Overhead Crane
01. Weihua crane strengthens the design and improves accuracy
Strengthen the design of the main beam, greatly improve the mechanical performance and load-bearing capacity, the main hoisting mechanism realizes synchronous lifting, is equipped with anti-rope and anti-wear devices, can be widely used in multi-lifting point lifting equipment, and the cart is automatically positioned to prevent "rail climbing" , Improve the positioning accuracy of large and small vehicles and the positioning accuracy of special spreaders, which is conducive to the seamless cooperation of special spreaders
02. Highly intelligent and safe operation
The automated application program can remotely control the whole vehicle, realize the operation monitoring of the whole machine and provide fault indication and solution measures. The product operation is highly intelligent, and the emergency manual control system is prepared. In the event of communication errors, the special crane can continue to operate safely and stably to complete the process , Electrical insulation ensures the safe use and maintenance of cranes and spreaders on high-current electrolyzers
03. Various controls, automatic operation
There are three control modes: cab operation, remote control operation, and ground station operation, ensuring that the lifting status can be grasped at any time, and the lifting operation can be carried out easily, and the matching can realize the automatic flow operation of the workshop
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