Weihua Overhead Cranes Assists Operation of 100000T Graphite Electrode Project

At 10:30 am of December 21, the opening ceremony of a 100,000-ton ultra-high-power graphite electrode project was successfully held. Many city leaders and Weihua Group President Yu Youfei attended the event. There are more than 300 people including city leaders, suppliers, people of design and construction unit participated in the activity.

weihua crane

Graphite electrodes are consumables for smelting iron and steel. As we know, the main characteristics of graphite electrode manufacturing are "dirty, tired, and dumb". As an important raw material for steel smelting, and manufacturers have different size requirements for the graphite electrode, and there is no standardized string and transfer equipment. Most of time, people use primitive manual methods. For example, small-diameter graphite electrodes of each furnace requires more than 20-time grouping and transfers, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the efficiency is extremely low.

 Graphite electrode overhead crane
To this end, Weihua provided several multi-functional intelligent bridge cranes for this project and provide reasonable solution for the successful operation of the project.
 Graphite electrode brige crane
The overhead cranes for graphite electrode handling can realize full handling of graphite electrodes such as storage, grouping, film winding, strings, automatic switching of single and double rows, loading and unloading of single or double rows of multi-specification graphite electrodes. And lifting the furnace cover. It turns the complexity into simplicity. Weihua smart overhead cranes improve the product quality of graphite electrodes and truly realizes the efficient production of graphite electrodes.
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