Weihua Equipment for Bulk Material Handling Projects

Weihua bulk material conveying equipment has won numerous praises from customers for its design capabilities, intelligent electrical control systems, green and environmentally friendly dust suppression technology and full process production capabilities. Now let's have a look at some projects supported by Weihua Material Handling Equipment.

Weihua Equipment for Bulk Material Handling Projects

In the first phase of a Wharf Project in China, Weihua undertook a total of 11 fixed belt conveyors, 5 mobile belt conveyors, 4 transfer stations, 2 transfer funnels, and 2 ship loader, 2 floating cranes.
 Weihua Equipment for Bulk Material Handling Projects
For supporting terminal project of the 40 million tons/year refining and chemical integration base in a Petrochemical company, Weihua provide dry bulk terminal belt conveyor and ancillary equipment system including 8 belt conveyors and other ancillary equipment systems, of which 4 sets 2200mm large-bandwidth conveyor with a belt speed of 5m/s and a transportation volume of 7680t/h. It adopts a central three-drive arrangement, with a motor power of 3x800kw and a single machine length reaches 950m.
In the first phase of the project of a Coal and Iron Distribution Base, Weihua provides 36 belt conveyors with a total length of about 13km, belt width 1400mm-2200mm, and a maximum conveying capacity of 8000t/h.
Weihua made the belt conveyor equipment for the railway loading system of a Mining Company. This project includes 5 new and 4 modified belt conveyors with a total length of 1711m and a transportation capacity of 5000t/h with a speed of 5.0m/s.
Weihua Equipment for Bulk Material Handling Projects 
In a Coal Mining company project, the Weihua provide the retractable belt conveyor with total length of 6.3 kilometers, conveying capacity of 5000t/h, belt speed of 4.5m/s, and a belt width of 1600mm. It is controlled by a frequency conversion integrated machine.
As the core equipment of the coal conveying line of a Cogeneration Project. Weihua provides a cantilever bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer for the storage and handling of coal of this power plants.
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