Weihua Bucket Wheel Stacker and Reclaimer for Thermoelectric Company

The core equipment of the power transmission line of the power plant, responsible for the storage and handling of coal-fired power plants.

Model: DQL1100/1500·30
Stacker and Reclaimer
Regular use: 1 set for working with 1 set backup or 2 sets working at the same time
Stacking capacity: 1500t/h
Reclaiming capacity: 300~1100t/h (adjustable frequency conversion)
Working coverage radius: 30m
Stacking height: 11m on the rail, 1.5m below the rail
Rotation angle: ±110°
Boom pitch angle: +10°~-13.9°
Stacker and Reclaimer
1. Multiple operation modes
Single action mode, manual mode, automatic mode and local mode can be switched freely according to different operation requirements without any interference effect;
2. Automatic controllable operation, real-time data feedback
The PLC main control device realizes the full automatic control of the stacker and reclaimer operation, collects the pile shape data through the instrument, and feeds the material storage condition in real time;
3. Three-dimensional anti-collision, accurate and reliable positioning
The three-dimensional anti-collision system is based on high-reliability and high-precision positioning system detection and attitude detection, and realizes anti-collision between equipment and material piles, equipment and equipment, equipment and devices along the track;
4. Timely warning, double security protection
Mechanical and inductive limit switches are set at each operating mechanism, and warning warnings and limit parking points are set in the program monitoring to establish double safety protection;
5. Two-line intelligent lubrication, reducing labor intensity
The whole equipment adopts electric centralized lubrication, which greatly reduces the labor intensity; the two-line intelligent centralized lubrication system is adopted, and the lubrication effects of the front and rear lines do not affect each other. The intelligent monitoring system can indicate the fault point and reduce the manual inspection intensity;
6. Versatile and cost-effective
It adopts the full-function double-tailed car layout to realize easy material stacking and reclaim function, multi-functional and cost-effective.
Stacker and Reclaimer
Coal handling line:
Stacking: coal transport by train → dumper system → coal pit → ground conveyor belt system → bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer → coal storage yard.
Reclaiming: coal storage yard→ bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer→ground conveyor belt system→coal storage bin→transport belt system→boiler.
Stacking and reclaiming:
Stacking: coal → ground belt conveyor → auxiliary tail car → main tail car → main tail car head hopper → boom belt conveyor guide trough → boom belt conveyor → coal storage yard.
Reclaiming: coal→ bucket wheel mechanism→ boom belt conveyor→ center drop hopper→ ground belt conveyor.
Weihua provide 2 sets of bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer for the 2×350,000 kW cogeneration project of Jingneng Qinhuangdao Development Zone, which is an important project for Qinhuangdao City.
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