• Cantilever Bucket-wheel Stacker Reclaimer

Cantilever Bucket-wheel Stacker Reclaimer

  • Product Name:Cantilever Bucket-wheel Stacker Reclaimer
  • Stack Capacity:450-1500t/h
  • Reclaim Capacity:200-8000t/h
  • Materials:Coal, coke, limestone, bauxite, iron ore, pellet ore, clay and other bulk materials.


As a kind of high-efficient, continuous and large-scale handling equipment which is suitable for the bulk materials, the cantilever bucket-wheel stacker reclaimer is mainly used for the handling of coal and ore storage yards in the electricity, metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical and other industries.
Our company's arm-type bucket-wheel stacker reclaimer has the arm range and stacking capacity range of 20-60m and 100-10000t/h respectively. The above-mentioned equipment is widely applied to the strip materials yard.
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