• Extension-type Belt Conveyor

Extension-type Belt Conveyor

  • Product Name:Extension-type Belt Conveyor
  • Bandwidth:650-1,200mm
  • Capacity:150-2,500t/h
  • Power: 2*22-3*500Kw


The extension-type belt conveyor is mainly used for the crossheading transportation on the comprehensive mechanized mining surface, meanwhile, which is still suitable for the crossheading transportation and roadway construction transportation on the general mining surface. When the above-mentioned conveyor is used for the crossheading transportation, the scraper machine shall be provided on its afterbody to connect with the transport machine on the working surface; During the roadway construction transportation, the tape transferring machine will be provided to connect with the roadheader on its afterbody.
Structure Principle:
1. Machine head  2. Tape accumulator  3. Movable roller rack  4. Redirection cylinder rack  5. Traction winch  6. Steel wire rope  7. Traction steel rope  8. Guide cylinder rack  9. Tail  10. Redirection cylinder
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