Weihua Group provides double-girder overhead cranes for Shougang Jingtang Company's high-strength g

Weihua Group provides bridge double-girder cranes for Shougang Jingtang Company's high-strength galvanizing line and pickling and heat-based galvanizing production line

Galvanized crane

Galvanized crane

Technical advantages:
1.Various control modes and free switching
Fully automatic control mode, wireless remote control mode, cab control mode and maintenance mode, the four modes can be freely switched;
2.Automatic rotating hook, autonomous positioning
Electric rotating hook can achieve 0 ~ 270 ° free rotation, and can achieve automatic positioning at a specific angle quickly;
3. Infrared ranging, laser anti-collision
Equipped with laser anti-collision function, it can perform distance positioning on the vehicle, and realize deceleration, stop and other functions when approaching;
4.Dedicated encoder, precise positioning
Set up a special encoder to perform closed-loop speed vector control on the running and lifting process of the big and small cars, and the high-precision positioning of the main and auxiliary lifting positions;
5.Independent DP cable, accurate transmission
The cable drum for electric rotating hooks uses double precious metal slip rings. There is no mutual interference between the power supply cable, signal cable and communication cable to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.
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