Advantages of Weihua Group's garbage grab cranes

Advantages of Weihua Group's garbage grab cranes
weihua garbage grab cranes
1. Grab anti-sway
The use of PLC high-level language programming control and on-site communication technology has significantly reduced the swing of the garbage grab and significantly improved the production efficiency of the garbage crane.
2. Accurate positioning
Equipped with mm-level precise positioning function, as well as automatic position correction function for large and small cars, effectively solving the problem of inaccurate position measurement caused by wheel slippage, wear and uneven track.
3.Automatic loading
The driver clicks the "Automatic loading" button on the feeding port of the touch screen, and the system will automatically raise the grab to the feeding height, and automatically run the large and small cars to move the grab to the position of the feeding port. When feeding at the feeding port, the program can set the opening degree of the grab bucket opening and the duration of the discharging process to avoid the "bridge" of the feeding port.
4.Automatic movement
The location division of the garbage tank is set on the touch screen. During automatic control, click on a certain location division, and the garbage grab bucket will automatically move to the corresponding grabbing position.
5. Automatic parking
After the garbage crane completes the work instruction, the driver clicks the "Auto Parking" button on the touch screen, and the system will automatically raise the grab to a safe height and automatically run the large and small cars to move the grab to the parking position.
6. Grab while lifting
In both automatic and manual states, the grab bucket is equipped with an automatic pick-and-place function to reduce manual operation and reduce the number of grab and lift motor starts.
7. Fault self-diagnosis
The system can automatically diagnose and display various faults such as overload, inverter failures of various agencies, and grab power distribution failures, enabling maintenance personnel to carry out targeted troubleshooting and save maintenance time.
8. Anti-collision
An infrared (laser) anti-collision device is installed between the two cranes in the same pool; deceleration and parking protection are provided at the poolside, control room, etc., and the anti-swing measures and speed regulation system can accurately stop and avoid collision.
9. Switching function
The garbage crane control system can be switched between manual and automatic modes freely, and also has a remote maintenance mode.
10. Automatic weighing
The weighing system has automatic weighing, automatic tare, automatic accumulation, overload protection, display, printing and other related functions. It can complete the measurement, accumulation and totalization according to the requirements of a crane, a feeding port, shifts, operators, year, month and day, etc. Print a report job. The system has a DCS communication interface, which can transmit signals such as weighing results to the DCS system in the central control room.
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